Mikko Tuomela: Activities

This page lists some of my activities in different associations and other organizations.

Current Activities

Tulkaa kaikki
Tulkaa kaikki is a movement inside the Finnish church
FinnQueer web magazine
A web magazine founded by Olli Stålström in 1999, publishing articles about sexual and gender minorities, related social issues and also producing pdf books.
Michigan Electronic Music Association (MEDMA)
MEDMA organizes many parties at Necto Nightclub in Ann Arbor, with its own talented DJ's playing and also introducing other DJ's from Detroit and other cities. I have not yet been involved in actual organizing but I am an active member.
School of Information Student Association (SISA)
As a proud member of SISA, I get to experience the student activities and culture of School of Information!
Student Organization for Information Analysis and Retrieval (SOIAR)
The small group of students who chose IAR (I among them) got their own student association in 2010. I was happy to be among the founding members.

Past Activities

Alternative Party
I do not know if Alternative Party can ever be a "past activity" for me. Since 1998, I have been involved in visiting, organizing and advocating Alternative Parties - revolutionary computer art festivals and demoparties - and I also chaired the formal association behind it for years.
The student club for electronic dance music, Entropy, was founded just a couple of years before I started my studies at Helsinki University of Technology. It gave me a chance not only to visit cool parties but also design flyers, websites and help organizing the events.
Spock's HUT
Once the largest science fiction association in the Nordic countries, Spock's HUT was actually a student club at Helsinki University of Technology. I served as the chairman for two years and got many friends from there.
In upper secondary school (Orimattilan lukio) I was the SysOp of OriBox SBBS, our school's bulletin board system. It was running SuperBBS, a Finnish BBS software for MS-DOS, on the 386SX/20 PC also used for normal classroom teaching.